Worked on this commercial produced by Hornet Inc, and directed by Guilherme Marcondes.
I helped to win the pitch. The idea was to produce the same results using CG that what we would had got shooting the real LEGO characters. So I modeled, textured, lit and shaded the character for the pitch and we won it. The commercial used real life backgrounds and composited CG characters.
My role on the spot was to model and texture the main character, all the giveaways, most of the hero characters and the base LEGO man.
Here we have the images used on the pitch and the animation test on the pitch and the Director´s cut of the commercial.

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Daniel Juárez Balsera dijo...

Jajaja muy bueno, THIS IS SPARTA!

Aunque con las limitaciones de un playmóbil, parece una patada de kárate.

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