DVein / Chello Odisea.

One of our first projects at VANDO, but one of the most beautiful ones.
Direction, Art Direction and Modeling by DVein.
CG and Compositing Supervision by VANDO.
My Role CG Supervisor. Also did the textures/shading and lighting of the whole spot.

DVein / Terminix

At VANDO we worked with DVein on Terminix 2011 Campaign.
It was such an amazing experience to work with them. They directed the 4 spots and also did the Art Direction.
VANDO did the CG and postproduction of the spots. Making of coming soon!
My Role was CG Supervisor.


Worked on this commercial produced by Hornet Inc, and directed by Guilherme Marcondes.
I helped to win the pitch. The idea was to produce the same results using CG that what we would had got shooting the real LEGO characters. So I modeled, textured, lit and shaded the character for the pitch and we won it. The commercial used real life backgrounds and composited CG characters.
My role on the spot was to model and texture the main character, all the giveaways, most of the hero characters and the base LEGO man.
Here we have the images used on the pitch and the animation test on the pitch and the Director´s cut of the commercial.


I was commissioned by Hornet Inc. to do a 3D logo for Rockstar game LA NOIRE.
It was a huge 10K render including the neon lights on and off, and so much more detail that what we can see on the game cover art.
It would had been amazing to see the huge billboard at Times Square in NYC.

Gabe Askew´s Uncle Ben.

Another brilliant commercial from supertalented director Gabe Askew. If you haven´t seen it, you have to check out immediately his version of the Two Weeks videoclip, from Grizzly Bear. One of the most inspiring CG pieces I´ve ever seen.
So, I collaborated with Gabe and Hornet on this Uncle Ben´s spot. My responsibilities were modeling, texturing and lighting on the living room. I also helped Hornet to win the pitch. Here´s the final spot and one of the images of the pitch.

LAIKA. Toys R Us.

I got another dream come true. Finally got work at Laika House. Laika is always been one of my favorite companies in the world, along with Aardman Animations.
Laika House is the Commercials division of Laika Entertainment, the people who made Corpse Bride and Coraline.
Worked on these spots for Toys R Us, directed By Nicholas Weigel.
My Role was LookDev Artist, and modeled, textured and shaded some of the props, vehicles and characters. Also did some hair system on characters.
I really look forward to work with them again in the future.

Hershey´s Carolers.

We modeled the characters for this Hershey´s commercial. Produced at Aardman Animations and Directed by Bobby Proctor.

Beardworld. Nathan Love.

I was so lucky to work again with the super talented people at Nathan Love, New York. The spot was directed by Anca Risca. My role was Lead CG Artist.

AEP Grid Smart.

I made these images for Director Peter Sluszka, from Hornet Inc. These are the renders I made for the pitch that we won. I´ll post the 8 spots that were produced soon.

The Flintstones 3D Pitch.

made these images for Director Peter Sluszka, from Hornet Inc. The idea was to recreate a full CG version of the animated series The Flintstones. We didn´t win this time, I believe the spots were never made.

British Gas Call Back and Upsidedown.

More spots we made at Hornet Inc. Directed by Guilherme Marcondes.
My role was CG Art Director on Call Back. And I modelled/textured the planet on Upsidedown. Also most of the interior elements were modeled by me on previous spots.

Aardman Centra.

We made these 4 spots for Aardman Animations. Was a great chance for us to produce full spots for such a reputated company. The 4 spots were produced in 3 weeks.

McDonalds Happy Meal.

This spot was produced at Hornet and an amazing team was put together to make it possible. Directed by Guilherme Marcondes and Character design by Peter de Seve (Ice Age, Finding Nemo, Bug´s Life). I´m responsible for the environment look development, and also modeling it and texturing.

Nathan Love / Chips Ahoy.

I finally got a chance to work for Nathan Love. A really awesome studio in NYC.
My role here was Look Development, modeling, texturing and lighting on the beach shot.

Stopmotion set.

I made this project as part of my personal demoreel. The intention was to recreate the feel of a traditional stopmotion set. I wanted to create an environment that was something in between Coraline and Wallace and Gromit, and that looked hand made.
Here we have some frames of the project and a Video. I made 100% of the design, modeling, texturing and lighting myself.
Thanks to Molinare Madrid for helping me rendering and compositing.